Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Today was the dreaded weigh in after my little midnight binge on Saturday night of biscuits and half an Easter egg. On Monday and Tuesday I stuck religiously to the plan and only had 2syns for the cheese my mum added to my cottage pie on Tuesday night. (I did ask for without but she was insistent and I was starving after my 8 hour shift!).

Waking up this morning, the weather was beautiful and going to group this morning I was greeted with my regular hellos and small chit chat whilst waiting nervously in the line to be weighed.

Getting on the scales and being told I'm under target again because I'd lost 1.5lb, I was genuinely gutted!

Now, many people would be jumping for joy and be happy with a loss, because a loss is a loss but being at target I want to be able to maintain. After the weekend I thought I would have a gain?

I know I didn't go OTT (over the top) with snacking like some people do when they have a cheat day but I think I'm mentally judging myself too much. (James has always told me I do and that I've lost enough and should be proud, which I am!)

So today's food diary consisted of the following; (I've stuck within my 15syns as well)

Breakfast - Porridge (made with water) HexB, Raspberries, Banana, Peanut Hottie (2syns)


Lunch - Marks & Spencer Count On Us Singapore Noodles (8syns), Vegetables and Radishes

Tea - Gammon Steak, Potatoes, Savoury Rice (0.5syn), Salad, Egg, Aldi Light Mayo (0.5syn)

Snack - Frozen Muller Light Peanut Yogurt, Frozen Banana, Strawberries and a HiFi Bar (HexB)

My goals for May was to push myself to exercise more and that started today by walking +14k steps in my local park with a friend from work. She's also looking to get fitter even though she has a gorgeous slim body and I have well, wobbly bits that need toning (obviously I ow I will never get rid of it without surgery but I can try)

It's my birthday tomorrow and I'm going to fully enjoy myself, I'll be on plan for breakfast but won't be guaranteeing myself for lunch and tea. I'm also out on Saturday for tea but I can work around my syn allowance for this.

I hope you've all had a brilliant Wednesday!

Hayley xxx

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