Friday, 6 May 2016


So yesterday was my birthday, the day off plan, also known as my treat day! (Doesn't everyone do this on their birthday as syns don't count, right?)

I started the day off brilliantly with a bowl of porridge made with 35g of oats, milk from my allowance and water. I then added 2 teaspoons of Peanut Hottie (3syns) and added some defrosted raspberries for speed. (This is my favourite breakfast so far!)

After breakfast I relaxed for a couple of hours before setting off to see James for the weekend. Arriving at James I'd bought some Rowntrees fruit pastilles for a treat to eat in the car as it was boiling! They don't taste as I remember them but I haven't had them in that long I may have grown out of the taste of sugary sweets?

Lunch was just my usual of a ham sandwich, fruit, seafood etc, except this time I had a homemade lemon buttercream birthday cake waiting for me! Cutting a piece was so satisfyingly good!

Lets just say I was food comatosed after lunch and was dreading thinking about my tea later which was a takeaway from our local Dixy Chicken (it's like a KFC but cheaper!). 

After lunch, a parcel arrived for me which was a lovely fruit basket from James. He knows I would appreciate this more than a basket full of chocolate. The fruit will keep me on plan for the next few days as well!

After the amount of food I had consumed yesterday today will be a good day of speed and free food (and another slice of cake). 

My meal plan for today is as follows;

B - Nothing as I was too full from yesterday!
L - Sardines in a rich tomato sauce (free), wholemeal toast (both my hexb as I only have a 800g loaf of bread), fruit bowl (banana, plum, pear, strawberries, grapes)
S - Slice of cake (syns!!!)
T - Homemade seafood pasta (this will have syns but not sure until later when I check the recipe)

I will be having more snacks throughout the night but I will be having fruit or syn free yogurts.

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Hayley xxx

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