Monday, 2 May 2016


Bank Holiday Monday, the day that half of the U.K are curing their weekend hangovers, catching up on sleep or working to make those extra pennies. Unfortunately I was working but only for four hours (easiest shift that I love working).

Today, I set myself the challenge of pulling back from all the syns that I'd consumed over the bank holiday weekend, to have a zero syn day.

My meal plan for the day was as follows;

Breakfast - Soft boiled eggs, wholemeal toast (hexb), beans, coffee (hexa)
Lunch - Fruit, coffee (hexa) (my reasons for this decision was due to my shift at work starting at 2 and finishing at 6, plus I didn't get out of bed until 11:30!)
Tea - Quorn meatballs, pasta shells, tomato sauce, cucumber
Snacks - Fruit, syn free yogurts, HiFi bar

I am so immensely proud that I was able to have a syn free day and not eat anything synned! My parents even got a KFC for their tea and not one single bit touched my lips, I wasn't even phased as I was determined!

I am now planning for tomorrow to be another syn free day to make up for the weekend and I will be following this plan;

Breakfast - Porridge (hexb and hexa), raspberries, banana, coffee (hexa)
Lunch - Tuna, M&S Spirit of Summer Mixed Salad Pot (I think this is free without the dressing but I will check tomorrow morning), cucumber, tomatoes, BBQ Mugshot (free)
Tea - Cottage Pie (5% Fat Mince, Oxo cubes, topped with mashed potatoes), vegetables, bovril gravy
Snacks - Fruit, yogurt, crudités

I hope you've all had a fantastic bank holiday weekend and are planning to fulfill the week ahead!

Hayley xxx

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