Wednesday, 4 May 2016


When I started Slimming World in 2014, I gave up my love for peanut butter as it was high in syns and I didn't want to use my syns unless it was totally worth it. So for the past few months I've been on the hunt looking into peanut butter alternatives that are low in syns and calories and came across these two which were highly recommended.

PB2 Chocolate (2syns for 2 tablespoons)

If your looking for something that you can spread, add to things or dip into, this is the best thing I've tried that is peanut flavoured. This find powder is mixed with a 2:1 ratio (2 tablespoons of PB2, 1 tablespoon of water) mixed together and eaten how you want it. This comes in 2 flavours, plain or chocolate flavoured.

It's not as thick as regular peanut butter but it's brilliant to add to sliced apples, toast, porridge or crackers (whatever you desire!). It has 85% less fat then standard peanut butter so the calories are significantly lower and lower in syns!

I bought mine on Amazon for around £8, this can be a little steep if your on a budget but I've made mine last for over 2 months as I don't eat it all the time. (I'm such a money saver!)

Peanut Hottie (4syns for 3 teaspoons)

Peanut Hottie comes in 2 flavours, plain or with chocolate. I bought mine flavoured with chocolate to see if it would help curb my cravings I get every now and again. I'd initially bought it to add to water, hot milk or almond milk (from my healthy a allowance) for a peanut flavoured milkshake or hot drink but didn't find it to taste as nice I would have liked. So it got pushed to the back of the cupboard!

Until recently, I discovered you can add it when baking or cooking and even seen people add it to their porridge on a morning with chopped banana. So last week I gave this a try and I was amazed with the results! It tasted delicious! (I love finding new favourites for breakfast as I find it so dull to be inspired!)

You can buy this from many big supermarkets or online from an array of websites but it usually costs around £3 and can be found in the hot drinks aisle next to the hot chocolate.

They are many recipes and recommendations for both of these products on other Slimming World blogs, weight loss blogs and even on Instagram!

What are your preferences on these products? Have you tried them? Do you have any recipes to share. I'd love to hear!

Hayley xxx

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