Friday, 13 May 2016


If you love something sweet, cake like and something that's low in calories/syns then these are for you!

After seeing these being posted around on other Instagrams, everyone rated them on how lovely and like the real thing they were, I just had to try some. I was desperate to get my hands on some and boy did it take a while finding them!

In the UK these are limited in the amount of places that sell them in store and I found mine in one of my local Tescos in the biscuit aisle.

The bars themselves come in a pack of 5 and come in 2 flavours, a lemon drizzle and a chocolate brownie. Now, they are small (what do you expect for only 90cals?) but they are full of flavour and great if you have a sweet tooth that you need to kick.

They're not the cheapest but they can be bought on the Internet for a higher price if you were willing to pay extra. I got mine on a 2 for £4 offer during April which may have now finished but it would be worth having a look!

What are your thoughts on the Fibre One Bars?

Hayley xxx

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