Saturday, 23 April 2016


Since coming home from my all indulgence holiday with my partner I have had time to reflect on how much food I actually consumed and I'm disappointed in myself! 

I immediately jumped on the scales when I got home (I have to break this habit!) and was shocked by what was staring back at me! (I'd put on 9lb but what did I expect after everything I ate!!) 

If you know me personally I am one of these people who scold themselves for everything! Looking at a chocolate bar whilst out shopping, putting it in my basket for my syn treat and then leaving it at the last minute. (This drives my friends and family mad! It's the same when going for meals, I get flustered at what to order and stick to a jacket potato and beans..)

Over the period of my holiday I must have ate over 2 weeks worth of syns, but it didn't start that way. I started the week off on plan but since starting Slimming World, I have never really let myself go off plan. (I figured that we all deserve that break to be ourselves and know that we can get back onto it when we get home)

The week consisted of crisps, biscuits, chocolate, full fat pop, chip shop and pizza shop. My skin has suffered terrible from it! It's true that eating cleaner and healthy does wonders for your skin, healthy and general mentality. I've had foul moods and general discomfort all week! Now it was time to get back on plan.

On Friday morning before packing the car, I cooked myself and James scrambled egg on toast (wholemeal of course) and a banana. Now there's no speed food in there but it was a start! Once arriving back home, we popped into my mums for a coffee and a chit chat (I really missed her whilst I was away, usually I'm dying to get a break from home!)

Lunch was a jacket potato filled with plenty of protein to keep me going until tea which I knew would be synned. We had honey and mustard chicken, rice and carrot batons (7.5syns for a Lidl Honey and Mustard Jar Sauce serving. It's 29.5 for the full jar!) 

When I come to James parents for the weekend, I'm in control and on plan during breakfast and lunch but because they don't do Slimming World they try to make low syn or low calorie foods for me. (Recently they've been looking at Weight Watchers recipes and I don't begrudge this idea as it's still healthy eating!) 

It's now a sunny Saturday morning and I've had an amazing breakfast of porridge, banana, defrosted raspberries and a cup of tea (this is my go to breakfast as it's simple and filling)

My plan for the rest of the week are to;
  1. Focus on your syns
  2. Eat plenty of speed food
  3. Don't give up! (Weigh day is Wednesday!)
What are your plans for this week? Do you have a goal that you've set this week? I'd love to hear!

Hayley xxxx

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