Monday, 25 April 2016


Chicken Cacciatore
This recipe is filling, tasty and even low in syns! This is for 4 people but I had leftover sauce which will do perfect for freezing!

(Note - This can be made syn free by swapping the white wine for 150ml of water! It's up to you!)


Fry Light
4 chicken breasts (skinless and on the bone. You could just do chicken breast pieces)
4 rashers of lean back bacon (cut into strips, fat removed)
2 onions (finely sliced)
2 garlic cloves (finely sliced)
150ml of dry white wine (6syns but this depends on the wine you use, syn accordingly)
2 x 400g cans of chopped tomatoes
1 bay leaf
2 tsp dried oregano
225g button mushrooms
1 red pepper (diced)
150g broccoli florets
100g baby sweetcorn
1 tsp sugar (1syn)
240g pasta ribbons
salt and pepper to taste


1. Spray a large pan with the Fry Light and add your chicken. Cook on a high heat to brown all sides of the chicken and season. (Remove from the pan to a plate)

2. Reduce the heat and add your bacon, onions, garlic and stir fry for 4 minutes or until the onions are starting to soften.

3. Add your wine and increase to a high heat for 2 minutes whilst stirring continuously. Now add the rest of the ingredients (apart from the pasta) to the pan with the chicken and simmer for 15 minutes covered with a lid.

4. Uncover and simmer for a further 20minutes or until the sauce has thickened. Meanwhile cook your pasta according to the instructions and serve with your chicken and sauce.

Serve immediately! Let me know your thoughts!

Hayley xxx

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