Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Sorry that I've recently been quiet guys! Trying to keep up with life, relationships, work and everything else has been tough for the past few weeks!

So tonight I've decided to write this blog post to try and re-motivate myself to start writing a little bit more. I've decided to re-look my blog and in the next few days I may decide to change a few things up depending on the timescale I have to complete them. As you know, I love doing my SourcedBox reviews and will definitely be carrying on doing those every single month :)

As for my personal life, I've recently discovered the new, far more different and skinnier me! For years I've always struggled with my weight and since losing over eight stone I struggled for my mind to catch up with my body. For the first time since getting to target back in March, whilst getting ready for a birthday party, I seen, felt and loved the new found me!

Getting all dolled up, having my brows, lashes and gradual tan on, I finally pushed my demons to the back of my head and impressed myself in becoming someone more confident with a mega grin on her face (this never happens!!). Wearing a dress (that I haven't dared to wear out in public before!!!) I felt amazing :D

Catching up with family and friends that I've not seen or spoken too for months or even years they were shocked as much as I was to see the new me! It's gave me the buzz that I needed to finally come to terms with how much I've actually lost and how my body now looks.

The pictures on Saturday proved how happy I was as I'm usually the camera shy girl who always wore black or hid in the background of photos.

Don't let anyone push your dreams down like I did with mine! It's your journey whether it be a fast weight loss or a steady half a pound a week, a loss is a loss and that's amazing!

I hope you all luck in your journeys and I love to hear yours!!!

Hayley xxxx

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