Wednesday, 10 August 2016


It's that time of the month again to review and post about my monthly subscription to SourcedBox! This months box sees the summery vibes continue with lots of refreshing and tasty snacks! 

SourcedBox have even told us they're even starting to think of snacks to put into our Christmas edition! I'm so lucking forward to trying some seasonal snacks without the guilt we all do at Christmas!



The Raw Chocolate Company - Vanoffe Mulberries | 6.5syns

These little bites are a combination of toffee and vanilla coated over white mulberries. Perfect for an afternoon snack or to pop in your bag if your on the go! 

Sibberi - Bamboo Water | Syn Free!

I've never heard of Bamboo water until I received this in my box. The water has a tasteless flavour and was perfect to have on my break at work out of the fridge! (This week has been hot at work, even working in the fridges wasn't cool enough!)

Yuyo - Yerba Zing & Mint Tea | Syn Free!

I love receiving tea samples as I can pop them into my bag and have them on the go! I love mint tea because of its refreshing taste but I will be trying my Yerba Zing in an iced tea!

The Protein Ball Co - Lemon and Pistachio Protein Balls | 1.5syns each OR 9.5syns per pack

These little protein packed balls are great for someone on the go like myself! I love the combination of lemon and pistachio! I'd heard of the brand but never tried them as I was always worried about the Syn values but at only 1.5syn per ball, I will be popping a few of these into my lunch boxes until I need to buy some more! 

Creative Nature - Peanut Protein Bar | 8.5syns

Any peanut flavoured I love! This bar is called the 'healthy snickers' because of its peanut flavour. I shall be enjoying mine on an evening with a cuppa watching rubbish telly.

Inspiral - Kale Crisps | 7.5syns

I love Kale and I especially love kale crisps! I enjoy the crunch and taste of kale when it's been dried and flavours are added to make it extra enjoyable. These are perfect for picnics or to have in your bag to satisfy that afternoon feeling of eating.

Planet Organic - Vanilla and Chia Bar | 7syns

This little bar is packed with nuts, raw superfoods and plant proteins to give you healthy benefit. These are perfect is your wanting something to satisfy your cravings without eating anything that's refined or processed.

Oloves - Lemon and Rosemary Olives | 2.5syns per pack

I'm not much of a lover of olives and tend to not get them on my salads (because of Syn values), but olives are a great way to get the good fats that your body needs on a day to day basis. 

Clearly Scrumptious - Juicy Dried Cramberries | 5syns per pack

I hate fresh cranberries but dry them up and I'm a massive fan! These are fantastic to add to yogurt, cereal or nuts for added sweetness (they're also packed full of fibre!)

Raw Gorilla - Cacao & Lucuma Munchies | 7.5syns

A mixture of seeds and nuts coated in raw cacao and Lucuma. These little bites are perfect to have on the go or as a topping for your yogurt to add extra crunch and goodness.

Chia Bia - Chia Oil Capsules | Syn Free!

Since starting to use cod liver oil my hair and skin have enjoyed the benefits but I've been looking for something else that could replace them and these are perfect! I was shocked to receive them in my box as its not something you tend to relate with a food item!

I hope you've enjoyed my SourcedBox review and I hope to hear comments and feedback!

Hayley xxx

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