Monday, 22 August 2016


Every Slimming Worlder whether that be old, new or current will have had, enjoyed and even indulged on their signature HiFi bars that are only available for group members. Looking at my Instagram, I see fellow followers and Slimming Worlders with stash boxes filled with these amazing bars instead of chocolate bars and sweets.

Since starting Slimming World, I have gone through mountains of HiFi bars because if I ever had a sweet tooth and an apple wouldn't cut it, I would treat myself to one of the bars depending on how many syns I had left at the end of the day.

At 3 syns for a HiFi Light or 6 syns for a regular HiFi bar, these little beauties can also be included as your Healthy Extra B if you wanted to change up your regular b choice of cereal or bread.


HiFi Light Chocolate Orange

This amazing bar has a distinctive orange flavour that reminds me of Christmas and is perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. This is one of my top three flavours!

HiFi Light Rocky Road (my firm favourite!!) 

Topped with mini marshmallows, a sweet sticky jam like texture in between, this is mine and my partners favourite bar. If your looking for something gooey and sweet then this bar is perfect for you!

HiFi Light Chocolate Macaroon

This is one of the newer bars that was recently released in place of the Peanut bar. The bar takes on the taste of the famous Bounty bar of coconut and chocolate but without the guilt of eating an actual chocolate bar. This is my third favourite bar.

HiFi Light Banana Milkshake

Another recently released bar is the banana milkshake bar which had many skeptical looks within my group. It was like the Marmite situation all over again, you either love it or you hate it. I actually like this bar but the bar is being scraped over the next few months because of its not so good popularity compared to the other flavours.

HiFi Light Double Chocolate Crisp

This bar has had a repackage and it confused a lot of my groups members into thinking it was a newer bar until I mentioned it was the original bar but in a newer packaging. I've always loved this flavour as its a quick way to get a chocolate fix with a cuppa late at night whilst using my left over syns.

HiFi Salted Caramel

This bar is one of the most synned as it has a higher calorie content so 1 would class as your healthy extra or 6 syns per bar. I'm not so much keen on the higher synned bars and prefer to be able to have 2 light bars. 

Which bars are your favourites? I would love to hear!

Hayley xxx

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